14 January 2008

David Williams Almost Alone course

Well, we've just finished the Almost Alone with David Williams in Southport and what an experience! I know I did the whole course last January in Leeds, and I dibbed in and out in June when we hosted David's last UK seminar, but I still learnt loads by sitting through it all again this year. I was also very moved by one of David's slide presentations, about his own family photographs from when he was a baby, looking at the importance of family photographs for our memories to be carried on, and I just wanted to sob, it evoked so many memories and feelings in me.

It was a lovely group of people who came - even if we were a bit squashed into the living room! Thank god none of them had BO   It was great to meet everyone, and I hope you enjoyed yourselves and got a lot out of the three days too.

What I found interesting for myself was how much my work has improved in the last 12 months. Last year in January I was a bit apologetic when I described myself as a professional photographer, now I say it with confidence, with work that is to match, and that is so much down to David and his approach, and how he has helped me understand myself as a woman in my 40's, appreciate myself as a grown up, and helped me realise that just because I am grown up it doesn't mean I have to be all serious all the time. I'm sure that being more confident and connected in myself helps me to interact better with others.

I actually find it hard to find the words of thanks that are enough for what David has done for me and my family. He is such a special, unique, sensitive, caring, connected person who works with true integrity and spirit, touching hearts in the way that helps each person best. His way of talking with Ellie, our 15 year old, is helping her to believe in herself in a way that we could never do as her parents. His way of appreciating Rob helps him to be more connected with the two women in his life, and helps him laugh in a way that I haven't heard enough of late. And his way of helping me as a photographer and a human being is too special to put into words. Each time I try to find the right words I find I simply want to cry.

Thank you David, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you.


  1. I know you always kept on about him and until I finally met the man I can see why so many peple are taken in by David. All this from spending a little time as I did, imagine what would happen with a session like you had.

    A real gent with passion, soul and a true wish to share everything.

    I cant wait to meet the guy again in the future.

  2. He is amazing isn't he, Mike - and I feel very grateful for having been able to learn from him and have him as part of our family.

  3. Zoe had a really great time and learnt a load - your picture a day idea is great