03 January 2008

Photography Workshops for Mums

Are you a Mum who got a camera for Christmas this year, but you're not quite sure what to do with it?  Well, watch this space - over the next few weeks and months I will be posting hints and tips, from a woman's point of view, for how to get the most out of your camera.  

I will also be running a series of short training sessions for small groups of mums who want to learn how to take great photographs of their kids, sharing some of my knowledge gained over the years.  

I love what I do, taking photographs of people, bringing happiness with special memories captured by the camera, telling the story of a child's life.  I don't do traditional portraiture - I much prefer to show children as they really are, giving you the memories that can otherwise fade so fast.  My own daughter is now 15, and I missed out on taking so many photographs of her, capturing those fantastic moments of her childhood.  I search the memory banks to recall the way she used to stick out her tongue when she was concentrating, or how she would play for hours with her Beanie Bears spread out around her, re-enacting the day at school.  Sure, I have the photographs of her sitting in a formal pose, but I don't have the true essence of her captured in photographs.  That is what I love to do, capture a child's true essence, and I would love to pass that on to you so that you can enjoy the memories of the real person your child is, for many, many years to come.

The first workshop sessions will be starting in February, after half term, so email me at zoe@zoephotography.co.uk if you would like some more information.  Places are limited on the first workshops, so make sure you book your place now!  I'm really excited about starting up these workshops, and I can't wait to hear from you.  Remember, you could be taking amazing photographs this Easter using what you learn.  And it really doesn't matter if you have a point and shoot camera, or a fancy SLR - any digital camera will do.

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