30 January 2008

Photography Workshops for Mums - Part 2

Well, the first Photography Workshop for Mums is full and is ready to start mid-February.  I am really excited about the course, and all the mums seem lovely!  We will be covering topics such as lighting and posing, photographing like a cat ... yep, you read that right!  But you'll have to book onto the next course to find out what I mean!

One of the things I love about these workshops is that it's for women by women - so all the workshop material is designed to be simple, concentrating more on taking the photograph than on knowing what technical words to use.  That way, we can create beautiful photographs, telling stories through pictures.

So keep coming back each week for updates on the workshop - I'll be posting some of the photographs that we take.  The first session is on Monday 18th February, and I'll be putting up some posts to the blog from then onwards.

If you are interested in joining me for the next workshop, which will start after Easter, then please get in touch.

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