06 January 2008

David A Williams Visits Southport

We are really lucky to be hosting the next David A Williams seminar for photographers starting next Saturday for 3 days.  It's going to be a bit of a squash in our front room, but I am sure we'll manage it!

David is an international award winner who photographs from the heart - this comes across so strongly in his seminars.  I know my own photography has improved considerably since I met David a year ago, and now he is welcome as one of the family.  This year we have photographers joining us from as far away as Suffolk and Scotland to learn from David and his individual approach - this course isn't just about photography tips, it's more about finding your true spirit and how you incorporate that into your work..

Welcome back to the UK and to Southport, David!  And welcome to all the seminar participants - I'll post up some photographs next week.

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