30 January 2010

Venice in the Winter

Whilst the UK was in the grip of snow this winter Rob and I took ourselves off to Venice for a long weekend. The weather was everything from torrential downpours, to grey, to sunny, to misty - with one thing in common, it was cold!

We went along with a specific intention of two activities - stopping off at lots and lots of coffee houses, and taking stock photographs with our point and shoot cameras rather than the usual professional kit. I love the freedom of working with basic camera equipment, and I really enjoyed the street photography that I took, looking at the world with eyes that see. It was great being just the two of us for once, as it's been a long time since we went away without Eleanor - and amazingly the house was still standing when we got home!


  1. The photographs you have taken are beautiful,Venice still looks magical even when the weather isn't great. I hope Rob enjoyed Venice too!

  2. Beautiful images. Stunning photography.