20 January 2010

Newborn Baby Portraits in Liverpool

Do you want a beautiful portrait of your baby? Unless your baby is between 6 and 10 days old, we don't want to know in February - no, seriously, we're just not interested! We only want newborn babies!

Newborn babies have a unique quality to them - they sleep and hold a kind of womb-like quality still, and it's a stage of their life that lasts just a matter of days. At every other stage of their life, babies remain the same for a few weeks and later in their first year, a month or so. But as a newborn, it's such a beautiful stage that barely lasts - so don't miss the chance to capture the beauty of your little angle!

Are you expecting your baby in the next 4 to 5 weeks? If so, make sure you don't miss the most beautiful, perfect time to capture an amazing portrait of your newborn baby - give yourself the memory of a lifetime, the memory of your baby's first days! Don't miss out on such a precious moment - you'll never forgive yourself if you miss this chance to record your baby's first days as art that you will love looking at for the rest of your life!

Liverpool mum's can take advantage of having one of the UKs best newborn baby portrait photographers on their doorstep with a special gift in February. All newborn baby portraits taken in February will be under half price, at just £25 for the shoot, and a complimentary disk of images for all purchases of £100 or more. Disks usually only come with our portrait package worth £250 or over and we know this is a silly offer for February, so we won't be offering it for long - and anyway, your baby will only be 6-10 days old for a matter of days!

Don't delay!!! Your baby will be 4 weeks old in the blink of an eye, and you will have missed our silly February offer!

Get in touch now and let us know what your due date is and then we'll have an idea what date to arrange your newborn baby portrait for - call now on 0151 546 4411 or email newbornportraits@me.com and quote February Newborn Offer! But remember, we're only interested in booking your baby in for a newborn baby portrait shoot if your baby is 6-10 days old in February!

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