30 January 2010

Brochure Images for Knowsley Hall

It's been very exciting over the last 3 weeks to be involved in creating images for Knowsley Hall for their new brochures for weddings and for corporate activities. The styling has been spectacular - as you'd expect with a home as beautiful as Knowsley Hall. I'm not going to share all the photographs yet, as that wouldn't be fair on the Hall. I'll share just a little teaser for now, and when the brochure is finished I promise to show you some more of the gorgeous images. A huge thanks go to The Bridal Gallery Group, Liverpool who were very generous with the load of dresses and accessories, to Boodles for the loan of some magnificent jewellery, and to Earth for the flowers. And of course, the shoot couldn't have happened without the model, Jo Anderson, who was very professional, and had the perfect look.

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