15 March 2013

EBook for Photographers in Business: 100 Lessons

Back in early December 2012 I attended an online workshop that went through the night each night as it was delivered from LA. It was tough working until 2am on something creative - as the subject was book writing. For about 15 years I have wanted to write a book - I already write articles for magazines but had never taken the leap to write a book.

On 15th December I published my first ebook - 100 Lessons I Wish I'd Learned Sooner as a Photographer in Business.

This is only a short ebook on Kindle that costs less than a cup of coffee - £1.92. The observant amongst you will notice the little blue flag on the top right corner - on the day of publication the book shot to the #1 spot in the Amazon bestseller list for photography.

Here's where you can buy the ebook

Then in February I received notification that my ebook has been nominated for the Small Business Book Awards in the Start Up category - which is exciting in itself. And then the excitement continues as this awards is all based on votes. Within days I shot to the #1 spot in the Start Up category, thanks to the support of a lot of people who love the book and value the work I am doing. A huge thank you to everyone who is helping my book do so well.

Voting on the book is open until Tuesday 26th March 2013, so if you have a second or two and are inclined to help, I really appreciate every vote - voting can be done every 24 hours.

Following on from the success with 100 Lessons I Wish I'd Learned Sooner as a Photographer in Business, my second ebook will be launching at the beginning of April. This is a follow on from 100 Lessons, and is inventively called 100 MORE Lessons I Wish I'd Learned Sooner as a Photographer in Business.

And the really exciting news for those of you not on Kindle - both ebooks will be published together in a physical book that you can read the old fashioned way. I have a Kindle, but I just love books too - I love the feel of the paper, the smell of an old book, and I love turning down a corner, writing in the margin and keeping books I've loved in my bookcase. So if you are like me and like the old fashioned book (we need a term like the purists of music use for records - vinyl!) then you will shortly be able to buy it on Amazon or direct from me.

But for now, vote for my book on the Small Business Book Awards and help my book to keep doing well!

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