13 March 2013

Paula and Ulrich's Wedding at the Radisson Blu in Liverpool

Some weddings are just full of laughter - and Paula and Ulrich's Christmas wedding at Liverpool's Radisson Blu was no exception. I think it's Ulrich's cheeky sense of humour and the glint in his eye that added to the humour of the day and had everyone laughing. As much as he could, Ulrich was avoiding me with the camera, but you can see that I did manage to get him in a few shots. It is clear that he and Paula are extremely well suited, with Paula's bubbly personality and quick wit keeping Ulrich entertained just as much as his humour keeps her laughing.

I think I particularly love the shot of Ulrich pointing at me, and the one where they are in the doorways - a very typical looking Liverpool street.

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