16 March 2013

Ryan and Lee's Wedding at The Vincent, Southport

I have to come clean. I think I've fallen in love. And with two guys at once! Ryan and Lee are just so easy to relax with and feel at home with that it makes it quite natural to fall in love with them both. I don't think I have ever seen a couple so much in love, or so loved by all their family and friends. And they both know how to laugh (with and at each other ... and come to think of it, at me a few times too!)

Lee and Ryan got married on Lee's birthday at The Vincent Hotel (the lengths some people go to in order to remember their wedding anniversary!) and as it was a gorgeous day we were able to go down to Southport Pier. Here is a sneak peek of their day - I think you can tell they had a whole lot of fun, can't you? It was a true pleasure to be wedding photographer for Ryan and Lee on such a lovely day in Southport.

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