16 March 2013

Becky and Dave's Wedding Photographs from The Vincent, Southport

I think Becky may just win the prize for amazing shoes this year! Take a look at these gorgeous shoes, aren't they special?

Becky and Dave's wedding at The Vincent in Southport was a lovely day, even if it was trying to snow! Dave looked very dapper in the Marseille tails, and Becky's shoes added a touch of quirkiness that made their day unique. Add to that Dave doing cheerleading with pom poms during the speeches, yes this was a wedding with a difference. I showed them their photographs this week and they love them - now it's on with the album to make sure they can enjoy the magic of their pictures in the flesh.

Here's a sneak peek of their day, with the cake that Becky's Nan made, and the rabbit's foot from her other Nan's wedding, a gift on her elopement to Gretna Green all those years ago (how romantic is that?)

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