25 June 2008

20 Years!

So today is the day, 20 years ago, that Rob and I vowed to be there for each other through thick and thin, to support each other, and to love each other .... well, I think he has done a better job than me! I am definitely a very fortunate woman to be married to such a great person for so long. And this morning he gave me 25 red roses - 20 to represent our years of marriage, and 5 in celebration of the next 5 years until our next milestone! He also bought me a Nintendo DS in red, which I love! I feel a bit guilty that I only bought him a pair of silver cufflinks - but I think he really likes them. And of course, I got him a card too - and this is what it says:

This card is straight from my heart to yours because I want to say ....
I love you. I need you more today than yesterday ....
I am glad you are in my life.
You make me smile inside,
You are amazing,
And you are always on my mind.
From my heart to yours,
I want to say ...
Here's to us, to all that has been said and all that hasn't.
Here's to the past and to the future, but most of all ...
Here's to the present - I am glad we are sharing it together.
I love you!

It was quite something to find a card that expresses my true feelings for Rob - I have nothing more that I can add. I love you.


  1. Awww, Happy Anniversary to you both :)

    I've been training my brain for 3 months now with my DS (I have a silver one!) and it's made no difference whatsoever but it is lots of fun!! I prefer more brain training actually, I do the daily piano exercise because it's the only blinkin one that I'm good at!!

  2. congratulation to you both

    John H

  3. Thank you everyone! We had a great day, and went to Alba de Cuba in Liverpool for a slap up meal, which was gorgeous!

  4. Besh wishes to a great couple!!!

  5. Besh wishes to a great couple!!!