22 June 2008

The Designer Bride's Guide - Exciting Times

At the start of the year I began posting tips to help brides to benefit from all the knowledge I have gained over the years as a wedding photographer.  My concern was that this blog could get clogged up with a lot of writing when I really want to show you my pictures!  So I have entered into a partnership with some other vendors to bring you a fantastic new blog, and ultimately, in the coming months, an exciting new website.

What's it all about?  Firstly, it's called The Designer Bride's Guide - and we've gone for that name because we only want to deal with quality vendors, avoiding the hobby-ists who put themselves across as professionals, but who can't guarantee you a quality, assured product.  Each of us involved in this exciting venture are passionate about quality products, quality customer service, and we are passionate about bringing this quality to you through advice, guidance and support that we will post on the blog.  You can be assured that everyone involved has relevant information for you, the discerning bride, to help in organising your wedding.

So please visit the blog (click on the title above to go straight to it), and tell us what you think of our earliest entries - and if you would like to be put onto our email list for regular updates, Email The Designer Bride's Guide

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  1. Oooh, what a wonderful idea! Thanks for this -- I have subscribed to the RSS and am reading avidly! *hugs*