07 June 2008

Chris, Graham and Daniel Play Golf

As part of Chris and Emma's wedding photography, I was booked by Chris to take photographs the day before the wedding of the guys playing golf at Mere Golf Club, near Knutsford.  It's a beautiful course, with gorgeous tree lined fairways.  I was able to photograph Chris, his dad Graham, and best man Daniel as they played their round of golf in the early morning sunshine.

I think Chris was messing about when he was practising his swing .... well, I certainly hope he was :-)

If not, he could always pick up a tip or two from Daniel - I think the sunglasses did it!

I think I might have upset Chris when I told him this was the best photograph of the day!  At least, the look on his face said "You've got to be joking!".  Later that evening I heard from his friends and family how he was a bit shocked to see that the best photograph of the day was of his feet! LOL

This was the one that I had really meant to show him though, honest!

Graham reckoned it was a highly frustrating game and thought he wasn't playing too well - but he actually won.

Father and son drive off into the sunrise.

A lot of time was spent searching for balls ... a lot of time!  But then, on a day like this, who's bothered?  It was just a glorious day.

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