07 June 2008

Chris and Emma's Wedding Part 2 - My Heart in Your Hands

Ceremony: All Saints Church, Childwall
Venue: Mere Golf Club

Friday was a beautiful day - the sun shone, love and laughter filled the air and Chris and Emma got married!  And I even shed a tear - twice!  I virtually never cry at weddings, but there was something about this one - and when Chris made his speech and told Emma that their wedding day was the day that he put his heart in her hands, well, I think he had us all!  Here is a small selection of their photographs, starting with the beautiful bride.

The moment father and daughter see each other when a bride is all ready is a very special one.

The guys were all very dapper in their top hats and tails.

All Saints Church, Childwall Abbey is beautiful - it's only small but it's full of history, and Neil the verger and Dick who came out of retirement especially to conduct the ceremony were such lovely people.

Emma and her Chief Bridesmaid, Missy have been friends all their lives.  And you can see here that Emma is a really happy person, she just laughs her way through life.

Celebrating the catching of the bouquet!

Specially for Nana!

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