17 June 2008

Heather and Andrew in Glastonbury

I got home very late last night - not intentionally!  I was down in Glastonbury, staying at the Hillside B & B (definitely worth staying at if you are going down to Glastonbury - www.hillside-properties.co.uk) to photograph Heather and Andrew's engagement photographs.  I asked them both to bring something that means something to them - and as Andrew plays the piano, and Heather is a Wiccan covern leader (I hope I am describing that correctly, Heather!) so the piano and pentacle were the things they chose, along with their 'save the date' cards designed by Hannah at Little Fish Events (www.littlefishevents.co.uk).

So why the late night?  Well, we had such a good time that we just kept taking photographs - we started out at the Chalice Well Gardens, which was so peaceful, a real sanctuary in this busy world.  Then we moved on to the Piano Gallery on the High Street, where Andrew played the piano for us, and of course, I had to take photographs of him.  By this time, Andrew and Heather had changed into their finery - with Andrew in his DJ and bow tie, and Heather in a beautiful red evening dress.

After lunch at Lalune on the High Street in Glastonbury we went on to get photographs in Glastonbury Abbey - the grounds were amazing, and the old abbey was fantastic.  And then we finished off on the High Street.  Here is just a small selection of the photographs we took - I feel for Heather and Andrew, they have sooooo many photographs to look through when we get together!

The Pentacle and The Piano
The swing seat in the Chalice Well Gardens where Andrew proposed to Heather.
Heather and Andrew at The Chalice Well

Playing the piano in the Piano Gallery
Andrew looking cool in The Lady Chapel of Glastonbury Abbey
And a series of photographs from the Abbey

And just one from the High Street in Glastonbury


  1. Oh my Goddess, Zoe -- these are fantastic! YOu are a sheer wonder with that camera, I swear! *giggles* We are thrilled to pieces with these, honestly... Thank you for such a great day and for being such a patient and wonderful photographer -- the whole experience just cemented the fact that we know we've chosen the right person for the job! I've had a blog about this myself today, and sung your praises, and now we can't wait to see the rest of the photos! I'll try and get some potential dates together for you soon and drop them across to you in an email. Thanks again and big, big hugs, Heather and Andrew xxx

  2. They are beyond beautiful Zoe, the ones at the abbey especially. I can't wait to meet you!
    Jo, the maid of honour to be!