18 October 2008

Introducing Pauline!

I would love to be including a photograph here - and as a photographer you'd think I 'd be able to manage that! But as yet, Pauline won't let me photograph her - but let me introduce her to you anyway, and maybe soon I'll be able to persuade her to let me photograph her.

Pauline has joined me as my new Studio Manager - and she is getting me and everything in the Studio in order! We have worked together in the past, and it is with great pleasure that I am able to welcome her as part of the team. She is taking over the Studio and managing it with precision, which means that our systems and procedures are getting tightened up .... hmmm, something that I can only benefit from!

Pauline has a career of managing businesses along with running training courses, and I am sure we will be using all of her skills over time. She has already brought in some new promotions for our clients, and has us booked into The Met Quarter in Liverpool for the last weekend of October with an amazing Christmas offer - I'm sure we'll be telling you more in the next week. And if you are around in Liverpool it would be great to see you in The Met Quarter Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 24th-26th October.

So watch out for portrait promotions, training courses in photography and being photographed, wedding photography, modelling portfolios and studio hire, all organised by Pauline. Please get in touch with her on 01704 544666 for more information.

Welcome Pauline!

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