05 October 2008

Jules' "Gown Again" Photo Shoot

Now I can't decide what Jules wanted to do most - be photographed again, or wear her dress again .... strangely I think it is more the latter! But I think she also enjoyed being photographed too. So the day after her marriage to Mick, Jules put her dress on again and we went out into Santa Maria, Castellabate, around the hotel where they stayed, so that she could be photographed in a more relaxed manner in her wedding gown.

I'm not big into trashing dresses, but I love giving brides the chance to put their gown on again (hence I call it "Gown Again"), and Jules was brave enough to just dip her toes and the edges of her dress into the sea. We had a lot of fun just as the sun was setting, and as you can see here we managed to get some beautiful photographs. I just love this first one, with Jules looking so peaceful.

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