05 October 2008

Mick and Jule's Wedding, Castellabate, Cilento, Italy

Mick and Jule's wedding was a wonderful affair, in so many ways it's actually quite difficult to pick just a few things out to describe it. I guess the thing we'll all remember the day for is the wind, which managed to grab hold of Jules' veil more than once and toss it straight up skywards! But at least we didn't get the rain of the night before! It rained so heavily that the streets were turned to rivers, but it stopped just as quickly as it began, and cleared up beautifully for the wedding day.

Mick set the day off beautifully with a gift for Jules - a Tiffany bracelet with 'Marry Me' engraved on the heart. Needless to say, Jules shed a tear or two. It's been so hard to pick out just a few photographs from the day, we managed to capture so many, and Mick and Jules kindly let Teri and me spend a bit of time taking gorgeous portraits of them around Castellabate. So, a tiny selection of the many, many beautiful photographs.

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