05 October 2008

She loves it!

Ellie has started college this term to study for her A levels, and it's a relief to know that she loves it! I think she was fed up of being treated like a child at school, and being held back by authoritarian processes. She seems to much prefer the more adult treatment of KGV in Southport. And she has made lots of new friends, which has helped her to settle in quickly.

Ellie has always loved music (she's a grade 8 flautist and is working towards her grade 5 piano exam next spring), so it's no surprise that she has chosen to study Music, Music Technology, and then Film Studies was an obvious choice with her lifelong passion for movies ... but what is a surprise is that she has chosen Religious Studies, and she really loves that. So far she is doing well in her essays, even though essay writing is not a strength for her with her being dyslexic and dyspraxic (and the college also thinks she may be high functioning autistic as well). It just shows how much easier learning is when you love what you are learning, and you like the teachers who are helping you learn.

We're keeping our fingers crossed that she carries on enjoying it as much as she has in these first few weeks - I think the only thing that has got her down has been me not being home much throughout September, but she seems happy to have me home again now.

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