05 October 2008

Mick and Jule's Pre-Wedding Shoot, Castellabate, Cilento, Italy

Two days before their wedding in Castellabate we met up with Mick and Jules for a pre-wedding shoot. Jules took about 30 seconds to say that she didn't like having her photograph taken .... but she soon changed her tune! I think we spent about 6 or 7 hours photographing this gorgeous couple around the beautiful little streets and piazzas of Castellabate. Oh, and there was something about Mick's look that reminded me so much of Paul Newman ... ok, I know he doesn't look at all like him, but I think it's the eyes, or something! Don't worry Jules, I'll just admire your choice in husband! I am totally happy with mine!

When we were going around the tiny streets of Castellabate we came across a small piazza outside the Basillica where there was a double wedding - and one of the guests (he looked a bit like he was overseeing the day) came over and gave Jules a little gift of sugared almonds and a single rose, wishing her luck for her wedding day. I managed to capture a few photographs of the double couples, and here is one with the photographer, showing that even in Italy the photographer will do whatever it takes to capture the right image!

I was in Castellabate 12 months ago and at 4pm on the wedding day there was a man sitting on a bench near the castle wearing a blue fleece. And 12 months on, we walked around the corner and I couldn't believe my eyes! The same guy, sitting on the same bench, wearing the same clothes, and at the same time of day! I am guessing he perhaps goes there everyday at 4pm, but it made me laugh to see the same scene 12 months on.

And here is a very rare treat, a photograph of me - I took my dear friend Teri Murakami, who is also a photographer, on this trip with me as my second shooter, and she captured a few odd images of me in strange positions, such as laying down on the floor. But this one I like! It seems to really capture me and my character - thanks Teri!

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