23 October 2008

A year in the life of Baby Alex

For a year now I have been photographing Alex, from a few weeks old, and finally, this week, just before his first birthday - I can't believe how much he has grown, but it was great to be able to photograph him with his big sisters, Molly and Megan. We went to the Squirrel Walk in Freshfield, near Formby, although we didn't see any squirrels because even though this is a sanctuary for red squirrels, the squirrel pox virus, spread by the invasive grey squirrels, has been found amongst the population of reds. I hope this isn't the end of seeing the gorgeous little red squirrel so near to us.

But anyway, it was a great morning, we kept out of the strong winds and played around having fun on the walk, and stopping for photographs every now and again. Here is just a few that show what a lovely family this is!

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