05 October 2008

Mammoth Blogging Session!

Wow, can't believe I have got so far behind in blogging, so tonight, whilst watching CSI, I have spent hours blogging away with updates on recent work. So there is a lot for you to read through and look at there! And I still have this weekend's portraits sessions to upload onto the blog too! But I think that's going to have to be an early morning task as it's getting late now!

As you can see it's been a busy few weeks, and this doesn't include all the album designing I've been doing, and the framed portrait prints I've been organising for clients. I'd love to say that it's now going to be a quiet few weeks, but I doubt it as we are taking a stand space at the Met Quarter in Liverpool to promote some portrait work and the photography workshops in 2009 for Christmas presents - if you are around the area on the last weekend in October, then pay us a visit.

Anyway, hope you enjoy all the features I have put up, and I promise to keep up-to-date in future!

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