05 October 2008

Le Marche Weddings

A few weeks ago I had the great pleasure to go out to Italy to Le Marche region on the East of the country to work for Le Marche Weddings http://www.lemarcheweddings.com/ to photograph Georgina and Matt in a mock wedding shoot for marketing materials. It was so hot, and I was impressed at the two of them for keeping working in the heat.

Pam and Christine, who jointly own Le Marche Weddings, gave me the brief to create photographs that scream Italy or getting married in the sun, and I am really pleased with the results. I am so pleased with this first one that it is going to be featured in my new advert in the next issue of Cosmo Bride, out at the end of October. So enjoy the small selection of photographs, and remember to visit the Le Marche Weddings site where you'll see more images in the coming weeks. And if you are planning a wedding in Italy, you really can't beat this unspoilt, romantic, beautiful part of Italy.

I just love this photograph - it's almost like George is dreaming about her beau, who comes to her in her dreams ... ok, ok, I am a romantic!

Wandering up to the car park, George took her shoes off, and pulled up the dress .... and as a result I think we created a classic shot. I even love the dirt on her feet!

On the way to Shambala Retreat where I stayed, just outside San Ginesio (a favourite retreat of mine, although this time around there was no time for the wonderful hot stone massages and reiki that I usually get from Christine) Peter drove me passed this amazing field, and I just knew we had to use it. It took until the end of the shoot to get around to it, but I just love the images we created here.

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