05 October 2008

Liz and Neil's wedding at Hoole Hall, Chester

Liz and Neil's wedding in St Peter and Paul's in Crosby, and then onto Hoole Hall in Chester was full of fun from start to finish ... with a few tears of happiness and romance. We really enjoyed ourselves ... even with the 22 groups that the two of them ambitiously thought we'd manage to get through! Actually, amazingly, we did manage to do all 22, even though this is more than I normally photograph, but I was a bit worried about coming across a bit bossy to get the job done.

But even better, we managed to get some gorgeous photographs of Liz and Neil and their guests, both at the church and at Hoole Hall which has recently been refurbished, and looks absolutely gorgeous. I think Neil thought I had lost it though when I suggested that he join me in the ladies so that I could take a photograph of him! Thankfully he trusted me.

This has to be one of my favourite photographs of the day, one of the flower girls wandering off for a little walk about.

And a little bit of Hollywood glamour ... under the staircase at Hoole Hall! The lighting was just perfect for the look I wanted to achieve.

The orangery at Hoole Hall throws the most amazing shadows onto the wall, and it was a shame to waste the chance, so just before he sat down to eat I pulled Neil over to capture this gorgeous photograph of him - I just love it!

And just one example of the humour of the day, with Liz pounding down the door of Hoole Hall, with Neil just looking on!

I can't wait to show Liz and Neil their photographs, but sadly it's another couple of weeks before we could get a date into the diary ... still, it helps with holding onto the fun of the wedding day!

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